Tom Neale from Uptonsteel says the ‘incredible support my dad received at LOROS Hospice’ inspired hi

Tom Neale is the Operations Manager of Uptonsteel in Markfield, and alongside his team, the company have sponsored the Forget Me Not Campaign for LOROS Hospice.

Tom’s dad died at LOROS in 2015, and the care that his family received, he says, is something he will always be grateful for.

“We are proud to support the amazing work that LOROS does, not only for their patients but also for the family and friends of everyone who has experienced the care they provide.

“Following my father Robert’s terminal diagnosis, we were fortunate to have the opportunity for him to move to LOROS, which after months of uncertainty and difficult treatment was a relief to us all. He was very nervous about leaving home for the final time but once he arrived at LOROS, he was assessed, given essential pain relief and made to feel completely at ease.”

Married dad-of-two and grandfather-of-three Robert Neale was 67 when he died at the Hospice.

The care that Tom and his family received motivated him to support the charity to thank the staff and the Hospice for looking after them all.

“Everyone at LOROS are incredible and whether it was a doctor or a nurse or a carer or a simply a volunteer making you a cup of tea, everyone simply just cared.

“During Dad’s last week we lived at LOROS and we took turns to be with him all day and night. That week I began to notice that even though everyone’s illnesses were different, the care and support they and their families received was exactly the same as ours.

“And despite being surrounded by so many terminally ill people, there was a really positive and kind atmosphere, it was never sad.

“That’s why for me, the Forget Me Not flowers also represent all those people who helped my dad.

“On his last day at LOROS all our family were able to see my dad and his grandchildren had a picnic outside in the garden so they could also be there. I cannot thank them enough.”

Each wrought-iron Forget Me Not costs £25 each, which could cover the cost of an hour of care at the Hospice.

The flowers have been crafted by The British Ironwork Centre, Oswestry, and measure 17cm in diameter and fit onto a 43cm iron pole.

The flowers can be purchased online on the LOROS website.

You can also purchase your flower from one of our 31 shops across the city and county, find your nearest LOROS Shop.