Your catering quote could mean compromising on quality

For those starry-eyed couples awaiting their wedding day and those small business owners organising their first event, the catering companies you encounter may offer you quotes, tastings and promises that may have you thinking you’ve found yourself a great deal. But the Dimblebee Catering company, which feeds 10,000-12,000 people each year on average, have suggested all may not be as it seems.

After just two years of the company’s inception in 2010, Dimblebee Catering quickly became market leaders in the event and wedding catering industry, and consequently, a major source of inspiration to the competition.

In the past, owner Robert Dudley has found it’s sometimes best to keep his food under wraps as smaller caterers have been known to take easy inspiration from his menus and brand. He said: “It’s flattering but sometimes it is also as simple as highlighting: ‘do you want a Dimblebee Catering cheese-board or do you want a board with some cheese plopped on it?’”

Whereas some caterers will set up tasting fairs, Dimblebee Catering charge a small fee for a one to one, tailored meeting with head chef James Barber where clients have the opportunity to adapt their menus and see for themselves where and how the food is prepared. This way, guests can see the difference before they even taste it. It’s because of these personal touches that clients often keep in touch with Dimblebee Catering reminding the company how special they made their day.

The brand is well known as the originators of traditional rustic country style foods, its personal service and ability to compliment any event or wedding theme effortlessly. Robert believes this sincerity took the company from ‘non-existence’ to a £480,000 turnover in only four years, which at the time rivalled that of many catering companies that had been in business for over a decade.

Now working with James, who has catered for stars such as AC/DC around the world, the Dimblebee Catering team delivers quality menus and service where quality truly matters. Robert explains: “We chose not to cater food dressed with gold leaf and dry ice – although we can do. Our clients know the food they like. They look for high quality food, professional staffing and flexible service – and that is what we provide. It’s not pretentious.

“We’re different because I’m not a chef and the Dimblebee Catering company was not set up by one. Having our own excellent foods is critical but so is expertise, investment in operations, people and quality. Dimblebee Catering was born with a clear drive for best practice and continual improvement which is why we are different; there is a cost to quality however, the security we offer for important one-off events is ultimately why I think the company has come so far.”

With custom designed kitchens, warehousing, and branded event fleet, Robert’s company has received substantial private investment and, as an independent business, delivers dedication and honesty that the caterers believe stands out in the marketplace.