Inner Beauty may have a treatment to help send you off to dreamland

One in three adults suffer with sleep disorders which can have a huge impact on their body and mind – Inner Beauty may have a treatment to help send you off to dreamland.

In the middle of press week with huge deadlines looming, as well as a crazy-busy home life during the same week, I thought there was no worse time to experience the ComfortZone Tranquillity™ Pro-Sleep massage. But actually, what’s the point in de-stressing once the stress has died down? It seems there’s no better time to throw yourself into ultimate relaxation than in the middle of it all!

Striking a balance between responsibility to others and responsibility to yourself is vital in reducing stress levels, according to – and it only takes up to two hours with Jacquie at her home salon Inner Beauty.

Making your way down the zen-inspired path and into the dimly lit, fragrant room relaxes you instantly before your treatment even begins. Jacquie says there’s only one rule: think of nothing. You really find yourself drifting in and out of a sleep-like state so it’s difficult to describe this treatment in all honesty! Jacquie uses her fingertips and specialised brushes to lightly activate the skin’s c-tactile fibres using a kaleidoscope of movements across the body.

The most compassionate woman you’ll ever meet, Jacquie took her time – up to Inner Beauty’s 10th birthday this September in fact – before she found a massage plan she believed in enough to partner up with. She said: “It’s taken me 10 years to find the right brand and I’m so glad I waited as I love every aspect of ComfortZone.”

The brand’s massage methods have been created by neuroscientists, cardiologists, and nutri-dermatologlists. Even the music playing during your treatment is composed using repetitive tones and rhythms that are almost hypnotic allowing worries and tensions to be released whilst helping the brain to recover from fatigue.

The Pro-Sleep massage is inspired by Ayurveda and Sea Malay handed down from generations for its benefits on the nervous system, while the Comfort-Zone Tranquility™ blend relieves stress and anxiety.

The company also gives away recipes, sleep, health, skin and fitness advice. Jacquie added: “ComfortZone believes in not just the treatments but home care and lifestyle tips as well, something I strongly believe in. It all just feels right to me and fits who I am.”

As someone who has a history of struggling to sleep – especially around stressful times – and having tried pretty much everything to help me nod off, I was dubious that Pro-Sleep would work. But, for the rest of the night, I felt entirely worry-free and found it really was needed in order to rid me of all those anxious, on-the-edge feelings. And, I fell asleep quicker than I’ve ever known myself to!

Prices for all treatments can be found on the Inner Beauty website.