Why your business needs you to be a professional coach

It seems coaches are everywhere lately; at every networking event, sponsored ads all over your Facebook feed, and the odd motivational quote on an office wall. These are the people who understand, value, and believe in what’s needed of leaders in the world of 21st century business in order to run a successful business that thrives as well as helping its local community to thrive with it.

The professional coaching courses at Leicester Castle Business School equip you with skills to support and best advise your employees therefore helping improve your workforce and business environment.

The programme requires you to coach an individual with the aim of developing their personal skills and helping them to set and achieve goals based on their personality and work aspirations. It has been designed bringing together the best in professional coaching practice, academic research and incorporating experienced coaching practitioners’ own insights. The outcome for you is a programme of learning that gives you the opportunity to become both confident and competent in your area of professional organisational coaching practice.

Here we hear from Gemma Crofts HR Director Europe, Contract Function & Talent Strategy, Office Depot Europe Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Coaching.

“As I progress through my career, coaching has become more prominent in the roles I have undertaken and this programme is a great platform for my ongoing professional development. On a personal level, executive coaching is an area I intend to move into on a full-time basis at some stage in my career, so this course is proving invaluable.

“The unique combination of an academic and commercial programme. I had explored other professional coaching courses beforehand but found the structure and content of this course really exciting. I also found it very appealing to have the opportunity to obtain both an academic qualification and professional accreditation at the end of the programme.

“I was immensely impressed by the building and its facilities, in addition to the great offering and relevance of courses. The location and campus facilities are excellent. In addition, I met Lucy Mullins, Programme Leader for the course and her enthusiasm and passion for the programme was infectious.

“So far, I’m thoroughly enjoying the blended learning approach and the opportunity to learn from the experiences and insights of brilliant course directors and other passionate and highly engaged course colleagues. I remain excited by the course content, delivery style and ongoing availability of support. Studying at Leicester Castle Business School is also a great opportunity in terms of the location and building itself. It is the best learning environment I have experienced to date.

“There has been a great level of helpful support right the way through from pre-registration, on-boarding, during-course attendance and post-course. During the course there is ample opportunity for discussions, clarification or raising any concerns. In addition, we as a group of course colleagues have developed a great support network amongst ourselves.”

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