The Power of Psychometrics

Talent acquisitions have become one of the most talked about issues over the past 18 months. With the time taken to fill vacancies taking longer and the costs associated to recruiting a ‘bad hire’ rising to an average of over £45,000, the importance of appointing the right candidate in terms of attitude, talent and that critical ‘fit’, has inevitably increased.

Toni Robinson takes us to a world that can assist you, not only in reinforcing your recruitment decisions, but also managing performance, team dynamics and employee development. Let’s enter the land of psychometrics.

Using psychological assessments in order to increase the accuracy of your decision making and enhance organisational performance is often seen as both expensive and an unnecessary cost to businesses.

So, you think it is a cost you can do without? What if I told you that you could benefit from high end behavioural assessments for less than £70? Lots of business owners compare profiles to Blackpool pier and whilst no psychometric can claim to be 100% accurate, many are over 85% accurate and rarely disputed by candidates. In a world where competitive advantage is gained by hiring the right talent, it has to be worth another look doesn’t it?

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