Studying around the world at Leicester Castle Business School

Executive students who come from companies far and wide to study at Leicester Castle Business School, make the decision to study in Leicester Castle’s Great Hall largely due to the building’s historical stance and respected standing in the city.

Believing that the environment in which you study is critical to success, Professor Dana Brown said: “What I liked about the castle was that business shapes history in a big way and if you think about where we are sitting here in Leicester, this was the heart of the industrial revolution and this castle was at the centre of it – isn’t that an exciting place to be!”

Students aren’t confined to Leicester though. The DMU Global initiative allows trips to places like New York to be built into the curriculum. Last year 1,000 students visited Wall Street and the United Nations. The trips are designed to stretch students, inspiring them to look at the world in a unique way and take them out of their comfortable environment, changing their aspirations and empowering them.

Professor Brown summarised: “The world is changing very, very quickly. The landscape for which businesses are operating in is changing quickly: new technology is coming into play as well as new political factors that will change the nature of the markets with which we engage in the future.”

Always on the lookout for new partnerships to enable more travel for students, she added: “Businesses always have to be at the top of their game in any area. Our academic staff are on the cutting edge of new innovations. They’re working closely with organisations all over the world, and to transfer that knowledge to the local business community I think is very powerful.”

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