Stand still or evolve with Leicester Castle Business School?

It can be tempting for successful businesses, once they reach a perceived comfortable place, to sit back and relax a little. Now, we aren’t saying you can’t enjoy your successes as a business but one of the most detrimental things you can do as a business is take your foot off the accelerator and stop looking for ways to adapt and evolve. Keeping yourself and your staff ahead of the game with courses will ensure you are gaining on knowledge and experience to apply to your business.

Leicester Castle Business School has a vast range of specialist business courses enable you as business owners and your employees to develop and grow your skills to apply to your business. These skills will provide new perspectives, new opportunities and make room for your business to continuously evolve, to think on its feet and to move with the times.

Potential students can choose courses in anything from Motorsport MA’s to Business Management (and pretty much everything in between) all taught to students from all over the globe from their historical building right here in Leicester. Created by De Montfort University to meet the needs of 21st Century business in a unique learning environment.

Led by Professor Dana Brown, the school is in a stunning setting at the Great Hall of Leicester Castle and provides both postgraduate and undergraduate courses as well as an executive company project which provides practical skills for the workplace.

Ensuring that Leicester Castle Business School is a ‘tool’ in your work belt to allow for you and your team to develop and grow will position your business for continued success.

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