New Stress Management & Resilience Training offered by Leicestershire Charity

With 15.4 million work days lost to stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/18 local Leicestershire charity The Way of the Horse is offering unique stress management and resilience training to provide businesses with techniques needed to identify and manage stress in the work place.

Using their small herd of experienced therapy horses, the charity will look at psychological and practical strategies to increase resilience at both individual and team level.

Founder and Director Dina Shale told us "The horses live in the present moment, they are not concerned with the past or future, only how you are behaving and feeling now. They are expert readers of body language and are authentically reflective of emotional states."

Working alongside Dr. Emma Lethbridge, who with a degree in neuroscience and a passion for the human mind will help individuals identify stress through self-awareness and manage it effectively before it becomes unbearable. Support team resilience by improving cohesion, managing set-backs and help managers identify stress in the work place and become a resilience enhancing leader.

This course is run over 1 or 2 days and can be adapted to the needs of the individuals and organisations.

For more information contact Dina Shale at