Leicester City confirm departure of Head of Recruitment

Leicester City have today confirmed that Eduardo Macià will be leaving his position as the Club’s Head of Recruitment on 15 March.

Macia joined Leicester City in September 2016, having previously worked for Valencia, Liverpool, Olympiacos ACF Fiorentina and Real Betis.

In a press release, the club thanked Macia for his service to the club stating "His knowledge and experience in both domestic and international markets have been significant assets for the Club, aiding the development of a young squad now rich with international talent"

After expressing a wish to seek new challenges, Leicester said " Macia has continued to demonstrate exemplary professionalism and commitment to his duties, ensuring the Club could adequately plan for both the summer transfer window and for long-term succession".

The former liaison to Rafael Benitez joined Leicester City following the departure of Steve Walsh to Everton in the summer of 2016.

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