New Golf Course 'Gallops' into Oadby

Award winning PGA Advanced Fellow Anders Mankert is set to open the refurbished 9-hole course in Leicestershire, which he leased a few months ago, any day now.

His 9-holes Gallops course, including three new holes, will be the second phase of his exciting and extensive redevelopment of the old Oadby GC course which closed in spring 2012.

Phase 1 was his new highly sophisticated driving range with touch screen television Top Tracer technology to each of the 16-bays. This has proved extremely popular with visitors – golfers and families alike – since it opened late last year.

Now the scene is set for the eagerly awaited opening of the 9-holes he leased of the original 18-holes course.

Mankert explained: “Work on the course itself was affected by last summer’s torrid heat and I wanted to ensure they would be completely ready for play when I opened them.

“It is incredibly exciting. The warmer spell of weather has helped. So has the new irrigation system, but I am absolutely determined all the holes should be in the condition I want, so have not rushed them at all.

“They look really attractive and I have enjoyed playing them myself. They are a good challenge, 3,000 yards long, with a par of 35, from the champions tees. But there is a choice of three tees from which golfers can choose to play – the oak log tees, where the markers were created from an old oak which had to be cut down to build the new driving range, from the horseshoes, or the whites.

“There is a new 485-yards long par 5 – the 5th – two new par 3’s – the 4th.and the 8th.of 150 and 140-yards respectively.

“Golfers can play from whichever tees they choose. We just want everyone who comes along to have some fun. The accent is firmly on enjoyment on the new course, just as it is on the driving range.

“We do not have any stiff rules and regulations regarding dress, just encourage everyone to make the most of all our facilities, and respect them while they are here.

The response to the driving range has exceeded my expectations in the interest it has created.

“Everyone is excited about the opening of the new course too, so I am hopeful this enthusiasm is maintained once we are ready to go.

“The atmosphere is always lively here, no matter what time of the day or evening, people decide to pop in – on their way to or from work perhaps, or for an evening out with friends with a sporting theme at its heart.

“They may come for tuition, to hit balls, or just for a coffee. Now they will have the extra option of a round of golf.”

Work is already underway on yet more facilities at the Leicester Golf Centre. Mankert will be opening a top class short game area, which will be open to visitors free of charge.

He added: “I am confident this will be the best amenity of the type anywhere in the county. Golfers will be able to practice all types of shot, including chipping and pitching to a putting green. There will be bunkers of four different depths too so they can focus on their short game skills.”

Leicester Golf Centre is opening from 8.0 a.m. to 10.0 p.m. daily. Coaching is available with Anders Mankert, or with his PGA assistant Tom James, for beginners, including juniors upwards, as well as more accomplished golfers – men and women, boys and girls – looking to achieve their full potential in the game.

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