East Midlands Chef Cooks Up Sequel to Debut Fiction Novel

Despite being a full-time chef, Adam Longden of Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire has just had his second full length fiction novel, Seaside Skeletons, published by Goldcrest Books of Loughborough.

Adam, now 44, has spent his entire adult life working in the catering industry, winning numerous awards along the way, including stints at revered eateries such as Michelin-starred Hambleton Hall in Rutland. But from an early age, writing has been his creative passion.

This finally reached fruition when his debut novel, The Caterpillar Girl, described by one reviewer as ‘Cider With Rosie meets Stephen King’ was published in October 2016, also by Goldcrest. The book received much love and praise, especially amongst the East Midlands community, as this is where it’s set, using the real South Nottinghamshire villages, woods and towns that Adam grew up in. And it is to this loyal, growing fanbase that the sequel to is dedicated to.

Adam says: “I got that many messages and requests for a sequel from people that read the first book, especially local people, that I felt I couldn’t disappoint them. The action in Seaside Skeletons picks up right from where The Caterpillar Girl ends (on a bit of a cliffhanger), so I recommend people read the first book first to fully enjoy the sequel. Without giving too much away, a large part of Seaside Skeletons is set in a much-loved English seaside town, and would, therefore, make a great summer holiday read. But don’t expect all ‘sandcastles and ice cream’ – trouble is never too far away for the two main teenage characters, Jack and Daisy – hence the book’s title and brooding cover!”

With no shortage of ideas, it seems there is no danger of Adam slowing down when it comes to writing, or for planned future releases. He has also penned four yet-to-be released East Midlands set novellas that he can’t wait to see published. As with all his written work, he describes them as “quirky” and “a little dark”.

Signed paperback copies of both Seaside Skeletons and The Caterpillar Girl are available now to buy through Adam’s website and are also available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback form.