How long do school shoes last?

First come the scuffs, then the sweaty feet smell, then it’s all downhill from there. Buying school shoes are one of the biggest gripes that parents have - they never seem to last long enough before they overtake the household air freshener and become unwearable. So, how long do school shoes actually last for?

Most children will wear their school shoes every weekday during term-time, which amounts to around 35 hours of running, jumping, skipping and hopping their way through the school day.

An article in the Huffington Post states that an active child can take up to 18,000 steps a day, which equates to 126,000 steps a week, which is a staggering amount! It’s no wonder that school shoes don’t seem to last very long – and, in fact, begin to develop odours quite early on in the life of the shoes.

According to the Queensland Children’s Podiatry Clinic, Little Big Feet, children are more likely to out-wear their school shoes before they out-grow them, typically showing signs of wear and tear by six to nine months of wear.

So, if your child wore their shoes for around six months, based on a five-day school week,(not counting school holidays) the shoes should last for just 700 hours, which gives a good indication of just how long those shoes last, depending, of course, on the child and the shoe that is bought.

Finding the right pair of shoes for your child is essential; they will be wearing them all day, five days a week, so they need to be comfortable and deliver the best support for your child’s feet. Ensuring your child’s school shoes are clean and fresh can help maximise the shoe’s lifespan.

You’ll find Micro-Fresh’s anti-odour technology in a growing range of shoes in numerous High Street retailers so there is no reason your child’s shoes can’t stay fresher for longer! -

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