Leicester Marathon – Announcement

Due to extreme flooding, the Leicester Marathon organising committee are today announcing the cancellation of the 2019 Leicester Marathon, Half Marathon and associated relay races.

With extensive rainfall and flooding over the past few days, various parts of the route have become completely impassable.

Flood authorities and local wardens have advised that it is very unlikely that the route will be clear in time for the event on Sunday

Race Director Andrew Ward said: “We have explored numerous options for re-routes in conjunction with local authorities. Flooding has occurred to such an extent that it is impossible to remove so much water from the route.

“There is also more rain forecast over the next few days. The safety of our runners is paramount, and we have been unable to find a route that meets an acceptable standard.”

Due to the need to re-arrange road closures and suppliers, notify residents, recruit volunteers and more, a postponement of the race is not feasible.

The outlook for the weekend is unsettled which may give rise to increased river levels and new flood alerts and flood warnings being issued over the weekend.

Andrew said: “This is not a decision we have taken lightly and the organising committee, as well as our charity partner LOROS Hospice, who have been involved for almost 15 years, are devastated.”

Entrants will be able to get their money back, but the committee hope people may wish to donate it back to LOROS Hospice, who will miss out on thousands of pounds of fundraising as a result of the cancellation.

“Despite having already incurred costs, we feel it is the right thing to do to offer participants a refund of their entry fee.

“However, as a not-for-profit race, we’d like you to consider donating your entry fee to our charity partner LOROS, the Hospice for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. “

LOROS Hospice provides care and support for more than 2,500 terminally ill patients every year. Your donation would be greatly appreciated and would serve as a crucial contribution in light of this unfortunate situation.

“If runners choose not to claim their refund, 100% of their entry fee will be donated to LOROS Hospice on their behalf.”

Any runners that have purchased t-shirts should expect to receive these in the post during the next few weeks. Any deferrals that runners had agreed before the deferral deadline will be honoured.

Further details on how runners can claim their refund should they so wish, will be released next week.

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