There’s nothing quite like a great night’s sleep...myths behind mattresses!

There’s nothing quite like a great night’s sleep on a comfy mattress, which is what 92 per cent of people said is essential to get plenty of zzzs!

Whilst there are many myths around mattresses, such as having to flip your mattress regularly, and the age of your mattress affects your sleep, you do have to take care of your mattress, and keeping it clean is one way to do so. Even though you have sheets and a mattress protector, flakes of skin, dust and bacteria can end up on your mattress — and whilst many people do vacuum their mattress, it isn’t very often.

So, as we all know that with time, mattresses usually develop odour and a lot can happen to them in terms of attracting dust, the hygiene, support and comfort. The main issue we all face is how to clean our mattress; we can’t exactly fit it in the washing machine! They are extremely difficult to wash, and you never know if you’ve cleaned it right with some soapy water and sponge.

Some other myths include:

  • You don’t need to clean your mattress if you have a mattress topper — a topper only protects the mattress from dirt and other spillages.

  • The best way to measure support is spring count — spring types and comfort layers are more important to durability and satisfaction.

  • If a mattress is maintained well, then it lasts for years — the usual life span of a mattress is seven years, but it is recommended to change it every eight years, which is when it begins to lose its shape and support.

Our anti-allergy, freshness technology incorporated into mattresses enables them to stay fresher for longer and combat those pesky odours! As it is anti-allergy and prevents the growth of mould, there’s no need to worry about dust mites and other potential allergens — leaving you free to have the ultimate night’s sleep. Our technology ensures that bacteria isn’t left to fester and incubate odour-causing bacteria, which can affect sleep.

Now, our technology is incorporated into Airsprung mattresses, which are available from retailer NEXT.