ADT Taxis – COVID19 crisis

ADT Taxis are offering some great new services to the public, which they feel will be valuable and worth mentioning to others.

They are offering all NHS and Emergency Workers 20% off ALL their taxi rides, to help get them from home to work to keep their vital services working. They can activate this with the code NHS20 via the ADT Taxi app.

Other services include:

  • FREE emergency care packs to Vulnerable and Elderly trapped at home around Leicestershire.

  • Vehicle Loans – ADT have loaned one of their Taxi Minibus' to the Loughborough Covid19 community group to help them get supplies moved around as part of their effort

  • Click and Collect Service – locals can now get their vital supplies collected by one of ADT's 600+ taxi cars, from shops , chemists and other vital locations, to enable them to stay indoors!

  • Customers can book a taxi to now go to a store and pick up their pre paid orders and have it delivered back to their homes, again without them having to leave the house.

If you would like more information, please email here. The ADT Taxis Directors, Ashley Butcher or David Hunter, would be happy to explain more.

The ADT Taxi app which is a lifeline now for many is available to download here.