Local business partnership invests heavily into the local community after covid-19 hits hard

Many businesses are suffering from the knock-on effects caused by Covid-19.

Due to Government guidelines, many Businesses have had to cease trading, leading to hundreds of staff members being laid off or furloughed, meaning that those organisations that operate within both the Public and Private Sectors are having to get savvy In the way that they work in order to see themselves through these "unique" times.

Based on the ethos that "it's easier to save money than it is to make it", looking for savvy ways of working should lead all Businesses to review their core operational costs, ones that still need to be paid whether you're trading or not, for example Gas and electricity, two of the highest core operational costs that any Business with a premise has to pay.

Under a commercial business model, the unregulated brokering of Utilities has led to many Commercial and Public Sector Organisations, unwittingly paying excessively high and unnecessary charges, which is why seeking an alternative where the focus is on driving down your costs and reinvesting the commission from sale, has become an attractive proposition for many I.e. utilising a Social Enterprise "Business" model.

Recognising the importance of helping "Businesses" and "Communities" through these troubled times, the "Together!" Programme, a joint Venture between The Connect 4 Group and Koi Sports CIC, is already successfully delivering such a model, resulting In high-levels of cost savings for their clients, and the reinvestment of 100% of their profits to either aid Client cash-flow, and/or to support local Community initiatives aimed at bettering the lives of many.

David Johnson-Rayner, MD of Koi Sports CIC, said: “Under the Together! Programme, when reinvesting our profits back Into the Community, we choose to invest them in our Client’s name, not our own, meaning that they meet their own Social Development Goals, can claim Corporate Social Responsibility, can Market their involvement, attract investors, and enhance their Business reputation, positively Influencing existing and pipeline Customers, and begin taking further steps to becoming an Employer of choice".

When asked why David established Koi Sports CIC, David said: “Our company's aims and objectives are aligned to delivering financial investment into grassroots sport and Community initiatives, with profits to be spent on improving sports facilities, enhancing safeguarding provision, increasing sport inclusion and participation amongst Minority Communities, and delivering on crime prevention initiatives."

Koi Sports CIC, a Leicester-based Community Interest Company operating across the UK, invests heavily in initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable and thriving British Grassroots Sports sector, one which is inclusive, safe, affordable, and accessible for all.

​If you are responsible for paying Utilities Bills for your Workplace premises, and would like to make a saving as well as invest back into your local community, please email david.johnson-rayner@koisports.co.uk or call him on 07376 871514.