Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital supporting the NHS and caring for patients

Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital understand this is a concerning time for everyone especially people at risk. Their purpose to build a healthier nation has never been more critical than now. Therefore, Nuffield Health Leicester Hospital are working closely with the NHS to provide support in various ways.

On Wednesday 1st April they opened their doors to the first medical transfer patients from the local trust and have offered all of their 33 bedrooms to support, along with handing-over 8 ventilators to the NHS.

Tony Yates Hospital director said: “I am immensely proud of the way that our team have linked up with our NHS colleagues. We are playing a small part in the scheme of things but to see my team looking after these transferred patients is very humbling. I know they will be cared for with dignity and respect at all times. Our whole team will play a part in delivering that care which in turn has freed up bed capacity for the covid-19 response”.