Why social media will play a vital role for businesses in enduring COVID-19

The seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic we are all facing is unavoidable. It means the public needs reassurance and positivity wherever possible.

At Cross, we’re determined to demonstrate the reasons to remain positive. It’s uncertain what lies ahead but we certainly need to stay focused. Now more than ever, our businesses need to remain on brand and continue to show the world what we have to offer.

For us, the content for May’s issue of Niche Magazine is in full swing. We’re also helping our digital clients to create campaigns to roll out immediately and long-term plans for the coming months.

We share the same vision as our clients. Together, we’re turning negatives into positives where we can. Now, we want to share the priority that is at the top of all our lists at the moment.

Being active on social media is our focus for our business and the businesses we work with. Here’s why we’re doing so.

To show resilience

To be able to adapt in challenging times shows flexibility and astuteness. When your posts prove your persistence, your followers will look to you for wisdom and insightful guidance. Marketing should always be adapting with the times, especially in tough ones. Share your journey with your audience – the ups and the downs! It shows humanity and breeds compassion.

To keep people informed

Social media allows you to share what’s happening with your team, clients and customers. Your followers will be interested to know what you’re doing. Your positivity will feed theirs, which goes full circle having a knock on effect. In times of crisis, it’s essential to communicate your views, your challenges, and your efforts at combatting the negative effects of what we’re all going through. This brings people together digitally, showing them they’re not alone.

To gain further reach

Those working from home will be checking their phones much more frequently. They’re seeking more information from news bulletins and keeping up to date with what their friends and family have to say on the matter. The chances of your posts gaining an increased impression rate are now higher. The more people you can reach with your social media, the more positivity you can spread. With digital and advertising avenues unfortunately being the first to be ditched in order to save money at this certain time, you will have less posts from others to compete with. And, with trending phrases and hashtags at the tips of everyone’s finger tips, you may gain new followers and impressions from demographics you didn’t reach before.

To showcase how strong your local community is

Even a simple Tweet can go a long way when it demonstrates support, care, and loyalty. This is a time when community is needed most. And when we can’t physically support one another, we can digitally. When society returns to normality, who is the public going to support? Those businesses that upped their prices in everyone’s time of need might find they will struggle to win back trust. Those businesses that showed support of other local companies and used their connections or products for the good of others will be held in high regard long after this is over.

To provide entertainment

Stress levels are high. Whether it’s worrying about losing money, losing loved ones, or not being able to access food, everyone is feeling the tension. Using mobile devices and social media platforms has been linked to addiction. When people are stressed, the scrolling increases. It’s a way to distract and calm the mind. Your social media posts can provide people with a source of light relief. Your posts can be witty, entertaining, informative, and supportive for your audience. If you’re able to do this, your post will be remember, and therefore, your business.

When it comes to social media and your online presence, don’t let this type of virus affect your game. Keep focused, stay positive, and share your story.