Glastonbudget: The number one name in tribute festivals!

April 21, 2016



Many think Glastonbudget Music Festival is a parody of its name sake, Glastonbury. For us it’s more of a tribute to arguably the best music festival in the world. The same can be said of our fantastic tribute acts. The musicians behind the mics, guitars and drums are, in their own right, accomplished musicians who choose to earn a buck by paying homage to their musical hero’s. The names may be altered, but many go to great lengths to ensure that their performance accurately recreates that of the original act.
You Name Them, There’s a Tribute Act for Them!
When a musician starts out to create a tribute to a particular act, many start with the name. It’s quite a challenge to come up with a respectful but memorable name with associations to the original act. We’ve seen many over the 12 years of Glastonbudget, with some of our favourites playing this year’s festival, such as Oasish, Ozzy Ozzspawn, The Clashed, Four Fighters, The Hot Red Chili Peppers and lots more!
Sing-a-Likey & Look-a-Likey!
The Glastonbudget 2016 Sunday headline act Mercury has the famous Freddie attire specially made and before taking the stage, adds a little boot polish to blacken the moustache. Our superb Bruno Mars Tribute comes with the full ensemble, suited and booted, just as Bruno and his posse would be. Or take the lead singer of Kazabian who by day manages the ASDA website and by night steps onto the Glastonbudget main stage in white dinner jacket and bow tie, affecting the visage of Kasabian lead singer, Tom Meighan at Glastonbury.
We Still Haven’t Found What We Are Looking For!
As our U2 tribute act for Glastonbudget 2016 (US4//U2) cries out the famous aforementioned U2 song, our minds will turn to the acts we still haven’t managed to find a tribute for, such as Pulp. This iconic 90’s band seems to have eluded the tribute scene to date, so if you are a talented musician with a liking for Pulp and can bring a Jarvis Cocker charismatic style of performance to an audience of 10,000 plus, Glastonbudget would love to hear from you.
Glastonbudget 2016 will take place in Wymeswold Leicestershire between 27 to 29 May. Click here to find out more and get your tickets.




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