The importance of a balanced diet

August 2, 2016


For a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to understand what we need in our bodies and what they do for us.




What is it? Fibre helps to prevent heart disease, weight loss, cancers and improve digestive health as well. There are two types of fibre that greatly benefit our digestive system in their own ways. 
What does it do? It helps quicken the process of removing waste and toxins from the body and regulates bowel function therefore reducing cancer risks. Insoluble fibre bulks out stools and binds water helping you pass your poops more easily. Soluble fibre creates a gel, which helps you to absorb nutrients.


Where can I find some? You can get fibre from all plant foods. You won’t find them in meat. Insoluble fibre is found in wheat, wholemeal bread, brown rise, bran, whole grain cereals, corn, vegetables, nuts and seeds, and fruit peels. Soluble fibre is found in peas, beans, lentils, potatoes, oats, barley, fruit and vegetables.




What is it? Protein is essential in your diet as your body needs it to maintain tissues and build new cells. Proteins are present in muscle tissue, bones, red blood cells, and plasma.
What does it do? Your are full of proteins and are present inside and outside of your body. Proteins make up the appearance of your nails, hair, and skin. Protein goes into creating enzymes to help you digest food and perform bodily functions and movements.

Where can I find some? You’ll find them in nuts, beans, and animal foods.




What is it? Carbohydrates are a source of energy that can be converted into sugars to fuel the brain and the body’s muscles. They form a huge part of our essential diet. There are three different types of carbohydrate, which are sugar, starch, and fibre.
What does it do? Carbs are our main source of energy. When they’re broken down into glucose into the blood it helps with everything you do from running to breathing. By replacing fatty and sugary foods with high-fibre foods you can decrease your calories. 


Where can I find some? Starchy foods such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, fruit and veg.




What is it? You really do need fat in your diet. It is only excess calories that will make you fat. Too much fat is bad but if you get the right balance you will be in good health. What does it do? 
What does it do? It provides energy, an energy store, gives us essential fatty acids, allows us proper functioning of our nerves and brain, maintains healthy skin, and much more.
Where can I find some? All natural foods contain some amount of fat. Saturated fast are found in cheese, milk butter, eggs, and meat. Unsaturated fats are in olive oil, peanuts and avocados. Polyunsaturated fats are in nuts, seeds, and vegetable oils. Trans fats are mostly in fast foods and are the most unhealthy fats.


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