Sanctuary of Inner Beauty

August 24, 2016


Learn to love yourself and shine from within at The Sanctuary
Beauty starts from within. It's the truth. So many of us hear this and agree with the notion, but how many of us actually believe in our own inner beauty enough to let it shine? In reality, it's not easy to live by the concept that we are beautiful both inside and out, no matter how many times our friends and family tell us it's the case. The Sanctuary of Inner Beauty are here to show you the way, to show you the path to really feeling your inner beauty and letting you shine. From their inviting shabby chic style comfortable salon, owner Samantha and her team create an environment which nurtures your beauty both on the inside and out. Providing beauty services to prep and preen you on the outside and talks, exercise plans and support to help you to see your beauty on the inside.
A six week programme to assist you in discovering the true beautiful you is a ground breaking concept brought to you by Samantha, who believes that, “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else taught them. We are proud to provide the teachings and support to help others feel their absolute best.” The programme, which includes nutritional and exercise detail based on your specific body, colour teachings, human behaviours talks, mentoring, photography sessions, confidence and team building work with fellow friends and students are all designed to help you believe in yourself with positivity. The nine key areas will not only help you believe in yourself, reach your dreams and enhance your future, but they will help you to unlock that part of yourself which will allow you to truly shine in life and emanate love.
The added enhancements to the new, shinier, lighter and confident you are the treatments that The Sanctuary provides, from massages to alternative therapies, facials and pedicures, you will feel amazing from the inside out and from tip to toe!
Niche team member Zara paid the team a visit to discover this innovative beauty salon for herself.
“I was truly impressed with how comfortable I felt in the Sanctuary environment, it was quite unlike anywhere I have been before. So often salons feel cold and unwelcoming but Sanctuary immediately made me feel comfortable within myself and my surroundings. The pedicure was wonderful and I will most definitely be back in the future.”
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