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November 3, 2016



Conservatories with EAS Windows

Funny time to suggest you might be thinking about conservatories this time of year isn’t it? Well, probably not actually. A conservatory is a physical extension of your home - you are literally adding to your home with a whole extra room. Yes, you know what a conservatory is but what we’re saying is, it’s important that you take a lot of time to consider what it is you really want from the extra room you’re going to add to your house. 


Some conservatory buyers don’t quite realise how many considerations need to be made before commissioning their final design but that’s what makes it all the more exciting! As a family run business we really do understand that these things take a lot of planning and consideration on your part because it’s a big thing to have done. But we can ease your nerves because over 35 years of EAS Windows means we are respected market leaders and we are extremely passionate about what we do to make your home what you have dreamed of in your head.


But, we do encourage our customers to look at things that are a little outside of their comfort zone because our passion drives us to show you what other options are available to you that you probably never thought would work.


Here are a couple of examples of two types of conservatories that we do. Each can be tailored to your home.


Lean-To Conservatories


Lean-to conservatories are usually rectangular with a roof that leans on to the main property. They have clean, simple lines giving them a modern, uncomplicated look and making them suitable for a wide range of house styles and budgets. They are the ideal choice for bungalows or other homes within Leicestershire where the roof has low eaves. Lean-to conservatories are also known as sunrooms, studio rooms and Mediterranean conservatories and are generally seen as an ‘entry level’ for the discerning conservatory buyer. 

Loggia Conservatories


Everything has been done to make sure that the Loggia conservatory fits in effortlessly with a property of any age, size or type in Leicestershire. EAS also have many years’ experience modifying designs that would best work for your respective home and are only too happy to cater for such requirements. Our highly skilled team of designers and installers will take on board the necessities of your home and produce a custom-built Loggia that offers the required styling and functionality. 
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