Celebrating Coding Excellence with Local Schools

June 29, 2017

Our Lady’s Convent School in Loughborough runs outreach activities with local primary schools and this year invited involvement in an exciting animation and coding competition which recently reached its nail biting conclusion.


The challenge, designed to support the teaching of computer coding and promote safety to pupils when playing Pokémon GO to students in Year 5, was to create a short animation using Scratch. The purpose was to educate other Year 5 students about how to stay safe whilst being aware of the dangers associated with exploring their environment whilst playing this latest craze. The schools approached the competition in different ways, some included it within their curriculum teaching time, others ran extra-curricular clubs but all the pupils enjoyed the opportunity to learn and showcase their new skills.


At the Grand Final hosted by Our Lady’s Convent School, two submissions from each of the participating schools were scrutinised by the panel of five judges including The Mayoress of Charnwood and her consort.  The flair and creativity demonstrated by all entries made the judges’ job an unenviable task.


Loughborough C of E Primary School scooped the winners’ trophy after their hugely enjoyable and creative submission pipped St Michael and All Angels Primary School from Rearsby in what was a very tight competition with little to separate any of the submissions.

The teams in winner and runner up position received their certificates on the day but Dr Murphy, Headmaster at Our Lady’s Convent School was so impressed with everyone’s submissions that he has visited each school to present all the participants with a personalised certificate and to congratulate them for their hard work and achievement.

“I have been so impressed by the creativity and hard work shown in all the submissions.” said Dr Murphy, “It is a challenge to condense important safety messages into 60 seconds of engaging animation, not to mention the skills required to add interaction and sound making it appealing to children. These are coders of the future.”



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