Introducing Crafted® - a new range of unique juice blends

October 27, 2017



Crafted® by Cracker Drinks Co is a new brand of fruit juice drinks: Made in small batches in the UK, its distinctive flavour profiles are created using unique fruit juice blends to craft a delicious range of drinks available in major supermarkets.


The Cracker Drinks Co prides itself on listening to its customers, so when their research revealed that more of us are refusing to compromise on taste and would like more adventurous flavours* (but want NO added sugar, or any kind of sweeteners to achieve it) they instructed their blending team to create the very best fruit juice drinks they could. With the focus firmly on achieving great flavour, through blends of beautiful fruit and water, the result is four fabulous tasting juice drinks in Mango & Passion Fruit; Pineapple, Coconut & Lime; Apple, Mint & Lime; and Still Cloudy Lemonade. What’s more, a 200ml glass of Crafted® even counts as 1 of your 5 a day.


Each blend offers a different tasting experience…


Mango & Passion Fruit

This is a fruity, fragrant blend. The smooth and sweet mango is the flavour you'll pick up first. Then the passion fruit adds a tangy hit that balances the taste perfectly. 


Pineapple, Coconut & Lime

This tropical blend is bursting with flavour. First there's the sweetness from the pineapple then you'll pick up the wonderful taste of coconut, balanced perfectly with a touch of lime. 


Apple, Mint & Lime

Delicious and bold, the sweetness of apple is followed by the fresh fragrance of the mint which is balanced perfectly with the tanginess of the lime. 


Still Cloudy Lemonade

This blend is zesty and full of flavour. You'll first notice the big tangy lemon flavours followed by subtle undertones of sweetness to balance the sharpness perfectly. 


The Crafted® team’s independent research also showed that UK consumers are more  interested in craft juice and juice drinks than any other type of craft drinks - including beer, wine, or spirits.**  More people are also choosing soft drinks over alcohol, with 21% not drinking any alcohol at all and 30% preferring a premium soft drink instead of alcohol at home.


So whether you are looking for a drink that’s exciting and a bit different, or for a refreshing way to get your essential five a day without added sugar, be sure to ask for Crafted® in your local supermarket.


Crafted® will be found on the ambient drinks aisles of Sainsbury’s June onwards, then in Waitrose and ASDA across the country for the summer. You can pick up your new favourite craft juice for just £1.90 a litre.







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