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November 21, 2017


The Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old has joined the existing range of award-winning premium aged rums, all of which are produced from ‘cane to cocktail’ on the Appleton Estate in the lush Nassau Valley in Jamaica. Appleton Estate is Jamaica’s oldest distillery and has been crafting rum for over 265 years.



This special rum is a true expression of the Master Blender’s craft and passion. The rare, golden rums that make up Rare Blend are hand-selected, and have all been aged for a minimum of 12 years. The long years of tropical ageing give it its rich mahogany hue, confident woody character, and smooth robust taste – all of which make a bold statement of extraordinary quality.



Appleton Estate Reserve Blend is a ‘blended rum’, which means it is a combination of several rums of different styles and ages and does not have an age statement.


20 select aged rums, aged for an average of 6 years (no age statement on the bottle).


A dazzling rich topaz and honey colour with a luxurious gold rim.


Full-bodied, smooth, and delicately balanced spice and nutty notes, followed by oaky honey, subtle vanilla, and a hint of hazelnut – all wrapped in rich, dried orange peel. It’s reminiscent of a spicy fruit cake.


Balanced, yet lingering, with echoes of wood. It leaves you wanting more.


Perfect for elevated rum cocktails or can also be enjoyed neat.


RRP: £35.00  




Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old is available from selected specialist retailers

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