Oakdale Dental Invisalign braces: patient journey

January 11, 2018

The patient of a local dental surgery speaks about her journey to a more confident smileYour first child. The first joke they understood. The time they put on a play for you in the garden. Family holidays. Their first school uniform. The first kiss. Graduating University. Opening their first pay check. Seeing them get married. Your first grandchild. There are so many things to smile about in life and no one should hide theirs away. Oakdale Dental in Leicester encourages each of us to show off our smiles every day.


But what if you don’t like your smile? After all, 81% of us don’t, meaning that 28% of us hide our teeth in photos. There are ways of making you feel more comfortable with your smile, the Oakdale Dental team suggest. Practice smiling in front of the mirror to find your best angles, ensure your oral hygiene is the best it can be, and notice the positive impact of your smile on others.


But if you’re still not satisfied, Oakdale offer a range of treatments to perfect teeth. One patient, Leanne Baker, 41, from Leicester had Invisalign braces fitted by dental surgeon Dr Josh Virdee.

She said: “The problem I had was with one of my front teeth. Over the years it seems to have lowered making my smile uneven and I hated having photos taken. I went to Oakdale thinking the best option for me was to have a veneer fitted to even it out, but I quickly realised there was something more that could be done.”


Leanne initially saw the principal dentist Dr Alif Moosajee; also known as The Smiling Dentist, which is the name of the inspiring book he authored in 2014 acknowledged by the Queen and Prime Minister with all proceeds donated to dental charity Bridge2Aid. Dr Moosajee recommended Invisalign braces which use a series of clear removable retainers.


“He was so passionate about what he does that it was really easy for me to learn about all the options and decide upon Invisalign.”


Once Leanne was passed over to Invisalign expert Dr Virdee, moulds were taken of her teeth and when she was ready, went to the surgery to have her first set of braces fitted after being shown a unique, personalised treatment simulation on ClinCheck Pro with 3D controls that can be accessed any time from her home.


“I was absolutely amazed by this video that shows me how my teeth will look every two weeks down the line. It’s not only going to sort out the tooth that was my main concern but perfectly align all my teeth and even fix the slight overbite I have,” Leanne explained.


The virtual interactive treatment viewer allows patients to see their teeth from all angles and examine every stage of the process. Dr Virdee determined that Leanne will need 44 weeks of braces but patients can be recommended anything from 39 to 78 weeks (9 – 18 months). For the fitting procedure, the teeth had to be filed in between so they would have room to eventually fall into place as Leanne and Dr Virdee had agreed. Two attachments were secured on to the front of the teeth that the retainers can latch on to to keep them in place.


Unlike traditional ‘train track’ braces, there are no adjustments that need to be made. Instead, Leanne will have a new set of clear Invisalgn’s every two weeks that are shaped in order to transform her teeth.


“There was a bit of blood with the filing of the teeth but this was quick and nothing painful. My first two weeks have already shown a difference. The retainers hurt quite a bit for the first two days as I got used to it. I imagine every change of retainer will bring very slight pain as they move everything into place but the end result will be definitely be worth it.


“I’m really impressed with the rest of the team too. They’re so friendly and knowledgeable and I’ve always been able to call them with any questions.”


Leanne also received a pack with information, retainer cases and cleaning materials to take away with her. Once she comes to the end of the treatment, she’ll receive free whitening worth over £350.


In around 40 weeks, Leanne’s new found confidence will have her showing off her smile just as Oakdale Dental like to see in their patients.

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