Why Scent Marketing Enhances Office Operations

June 14, 2018


Research proves the phenomenon known as scent marketing affects the human mood and behaviour.


The physiology of scent has been studied for numerous years looking at how it can influence behaviour. While many businesses customise a scent to reflect their brand and culture, the fact is they are selected for the workplace as well as their ability to increase productivity, enhance the working experience, reduce stress and support mental focus.


On average we spend 1,600 hours a year at the office. For many years, employees functioned as robots in mass production. With a huge shift in business cultures the 21st Century has seen a mass increase in companies creating the right environment for its workers. The right environment has proven to increase productivity with a positive effect on bottom line profits. Often using the office as a meeting place for potential clients that first impression is more important than ever. One of the strongest impressions is smell.


According to the Vice President of development at Scent World Events, Jennifer Dublino, in 2014 the global scent marketing industry grossed an estimated £200 million in revenue with figures increasing by 10 per cent year on year.


Statistics show recent studies indicate 54 per cent of typists made fewer mistakes where there was a lemon scent and 33 per cent had similar results when exposed to jasmine. Twenty per cent of the participants made fewer mistakes with lavender.


Air fresheners have traditionally been used to mask smells such as smoking. Since the smoking ban in 2007 there has been a shift into mental well-being where the scents are being chosen in relation to creating an ambience and environment that creates mental clarity, focus and concentration.


Introducing an uplifting scent into the workplace contributes towards a positive office environment and proves to be a cost effective investment.


There are particular environments where a fresh scent has had a tremendous effect – in particular when goals and targets are set or where there is change (cutbacks or acquisitions).


With businesses using a scent marketing approach, Monday morning blues are a thing of the past and there is a higher level of self-efficiency which is more likely to adopt effective work strategies.


SH Scent supply numerous businesses across the UK with anything from 1 machine to 2,000 with Managing Director Sabrina Hanson personally visiting each business to get the direction, environment and placement correct from the off. Sabrina also keeps a track of when each machine will need refilling. With refills at just £4.50 + VAT per dispenser it’s possibly one of the most cost effective ways of ensuring a positive and vibrant working environment for employees.


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