JMG Coaching for young footballers

June 20, 2018

 Niche had a chat with Loughborough Academy of Sport’s Head Coach of men’s football Jay Groocock (25), who is also assistant manager at semi-professional outfit Loughborough Dynamo Football Club, about his venture into the business world since he set up JMG Coaching.


Tell us a bit more about your experience

J I have coached in football since the age of 16. I spent three or four years coaching with the Leicester City Football Club elite academy teams and was one of the youngest to receive the UEFA B qualification within the old FA formatted course at St Georges Park. I was made the youngest ever head of programme at Loughborough College aged 23. Then, aged 24, I was had become one of the youngest coaches to coach within the semi-professional Evostik league. This experience led me to working with top quality non-league players, current professional footballers on loan to the club as well as highly experienced ex professionals. At the age of 25 I now feel I have gained very good experience within the industry for my age but have made it clear from my career outset that I plan to be within the professional game.


You’ve set up a company called JMG Coaching, what does it offer?

J JMG Coaching is a very unique company that is dedicated to the tactical and technical development of young footballers through activities that implement the Cruyffian principles of play. The company also dedicated itself to lifestyle education to all types of footballers, students and athletes from recreational to the professional game. The company offers a wide range of services from holiday courses, birthday parties and community club provision but also offer a range of performance, educational workshop services and grassroots club operational services available at every age range.


What is JMG Coaching providing that’s different to the competition?

J The big thing that stands out is that my staff are mostly high performance coaches and teachers, so we have great amounts of experience within the high performance and educational worlds. Due to this, we are offering educational services such as in-depth workshops covering the effects of gambling, alcohol, financial planning and lifestyle choices as an athlete in sport and the effects they can have. These services are available to professional clubs, recreational clubs, schools, colleges and universities. The one thing I also believe the company offers that is different is that we have a wide range of nationalities of coaches on the staff that all offer a different footballing cultural perspective that benefits the children they coach as they become aware of different footballing cultures. This is the DNA of the company. That’s why such services as the holiday camps for children are so exciting because they will be different to any camps the children have been to before.


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