Rossell Fitness: Positive mindsets

June 22, 2018

Having just got back from another session in the private family run Rossell Fitness gym, I’m feeling more positive than ever and ready to take on the next week. What Nicola Rossell instills in us is that even without physically seeing results each and every week, it’s positivity that makes the biggest difference to our appearance.


Positivity results in confidence and we’ve all heard that confidence has been said to be the most attractive quality a person can have, so it makes sense to focus on creating positive thoughts. Each week Nicola brings optimistic words of encouragement to her sessions – and it pays off. Her encouragement is almost addictive and I’ve grown so used to her way of thinking that I notice myself adopting it every now and then.


She says too many people rely on waking up feeling fantastic in the morning. We have to be realistic and know that this isn’t always possible. This morning mood often sets the tone for the rest of the day. But it doesn’t have to be like this. You should grab every opportunity to change your mood.


Nicola teaches us to have strategies and tactics in place to bring us into a better mood in the morning and helps us track each week focusing on the things we have and haven’t done that have brought us closer to our goals.


No matter what kind of day it is, no matter what has happened previously, each time you practice positivity you transform your mindset just that little bit until you find yourself thinking that way naturally. You’ll find that your mindset inherently becomes more positive as you go on.

So whatever you think today, think positive.


Leanne x

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