Will Your Caterer be Around for Your Big Day?

July 4, 2018

“There are a lot of wedding caterer’s websites springing up out there but if they don’t have the ongoing client and venue list to match… it could be for a reason,” Robert Dudley, owner of the Dimblebee Catering Company tells us.


The brand is well known for catering for prestigious venues and businesses across the UK and the company has supplied exquisite, handmade dining and service options for many household names as well as private individuals and families.


For wedding catering you can rely on one, two, or three years after you’ve booked your preferred company, make sure you have researched the following.


Why checking up on your caterer is essential

Robert says that many younger couples booking their wedding catering are, with all due respect, inexperienced in researching suppliers unlike the corporate event organisers he also works with.


With larger weddings often costing more than a small car, young couples can get caught up in the excitement and be distracted by asking caterers about styles and menu options, when in fact they could benefit from first asking about a company’s financial security and then checking their trading history and claims.


He advises couples that catering companies – as they are usually set up by chefs going solo rather than experienced businesspeople – may not always be around for the long haul with many closing or phoenixing which decreases their ability to obtain quality ingredients, equipment and staffing and puts your day at risk.


Because many outside catering businesses are set up by restaurant chefs as opposed to event chefs or those experienced in the running of a business, Robert says caterers can have problems with cash flow, longevity and following the proper regulations. A bargain price for event or wedding catering should be a warning flag, not an incentive, he adds.


This poses a vital risk when it comes to couples booking their wedding day or business owners booking large events. Robert suggests spending a few pounds online to make commercial checks before booking a caterer and to always have personal tastings at their kitchens.



You can check if a company is being liquidated or in provisional liquidation on the Government website, find out detailed company information from Companies House, or pay a provider a few pounds to carry out a full credit check. Also check for any county court judgements (normally for unpaid invoices) before you book a caterer for your big day and you may avoid the chance of a nasty surprise.

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