How Food Shapes Your Child

July 6, 2018

The author of ‘How Food Shapes Your Child’, Louise Mercieca, talks about why she decided to write about a book on the impact of food on children


There’s an awful lot in the media nowadays about children’s health, nutrition, childhood obesity etcetera, but what do those headlines really mean?


As a mum and a nutritionist I decided to look behind the headlines at  the health issues children (and adults) can face as a result of their diet and here’s just a tiny sample of what I found:


-       New Government initiatives launched to tackle childhood obesity rates by 2030 just don’t go far enough or, indeed, focus on the root of the problem. A particular frustration I have is with the proposed Government changes which focus on calorie counting. The number of caloriesdoes not determine the nutrient quality of the food


-       The headlines focus on children’s obesity but this isn’t showing the whole picture. We’re seeing increases in malnourishment amongst adults and children


I agree that there are some scary statistics out there but I do think these need sharing. Isn’t it better to know the nutritional impact of food, both good and bad on you and your child/children?


I was so frustrated by the food choices available for my own little boy and the confusing and often contradictory information available to parents that I decided to take action and write a book all about it.


In my book I combine nutritional science with the facts you need to know about children’s health in an easy and, I hope, engaging and accessible way. I’ve included chapters on building a child’s brain, foods for concentration, memory, behaviour and sleep, along with discussing the facts behind the headlines on obesity and sugar.


I’m definitely a mummy on a mission to improve children’s nutrition and we can all play our part in that!

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