Are mentors impactful in business?

February 12, 2019

Whether you are a business owner or an employee in business, having positive and inspirational mentors can change everything.


A great mentor can be someone else in business, someone who simply has a great deal of life experience or someone in the educational sector.


Leicester Castle Business School is a dynamic and innovative learning centre which, in association with De Montfort University, provides world class undergraduate and postgraduate classes as well as a unique executive company project. The teaching methods here create vast opportunities for strong mentoring relationships for you and your employees developing subject knowledge and the all – important ‘real life’ knowledge as taught by experienced and highly skilled tutors and mentors.


Embarking on a specialist course at the learning centre is an important investment which will continue to pay dividends as you and your company grow.


Professor Dana Brown, told us: “High quality mentorship for anyone in business is priceless. Real and shared knowledge from others in business can pay huge dividends for businesses looking to grow and prosper. The real-life experience of our tutors mean that each student can gain an abundance of the benefits of positive mentorship as they learn – whether the student themselves is a business owner or employee to then really use what they have learnt in a practical way.”


This ‘mentor’ approach also works as part of their commitment to going beyond business as usual by giving students the tools to use their learnt skills in a practical way beyond the course itself.


Anything but conventional, on a course at the excellent educational provider you and your employees will learn from experienced mentors.


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