Marvin Sordell kick-starts Black History Month Passion Project

July 1, 2019

180 Productions an independent, video and motion picture production company, co-founded in early 2019 by professional footballer Marvin Sordell are creating a documentary for Black History Month (October 2019) and are using fundraising platform kickstarter to ensure the project has the visual impact the subject matter deserves. 


The documentary will see 180 Productions interviewing talented and successful black, British men and women from a multitude of industries with the sole purpose of delivering  a powerful message to the next generation. Sordell alongside co-founders William Miller and Maxwell Harris-Tharp will show them that the possibilities in life can be endless, regardless of upbringing, background, or any setbacks that could occur along the way.


To initially be aired on YouTube, with the aim of accessing a larger broadcasting audience, they will be covering topics such as: the stories of their upbringings, their routes to success, how hard they had to work, barriers they overcame, sacrifices they had to make, thoughts on crime, making it out 'the ends', and on what more needs to be done to continue enabling success in young black people, each interviewee will have their story told in the most authentic and unfiltered way possible.


A passion project of CEO & Co-Founder Marvin Sordell, a professional football player formerly of Watford, Bolton & Team GB. He said "Ever since I became a professional footballer, I have always wanted to do something to help others who are currently growing up in similar circumstances to which I did. As someone who grew up on a council estate in a single parent household, I know first-hand what it can be like to be labelled from a young age. I believe this caused many people I grew up around to take different turns in their lives, some of which were positive, but too many others were not".


"I spent years practising every day to eventually fulfil my dream, but in reality, if I didn’t have the strong, positive influences of my mum and sister, I probably wouldn’t be in this very fortunate position I find myself in today".


"For a long time, I had no idea how I could share the most important thing that was given to me, hope. Now, through 180 Productions, we have found a way to do so. Combining my love of telling stories, with this passion to help others, we are creating 180 For The Culture, to give those who don’t, a positive influence, so they can see just how possible it is to become anything they want".


 Confirmed Interviewees include Hollywood Actress and James Bond star Naomi Harris (Pictured), Activist Afua Hirsch and many others. 



Overall, their aim is to provide courage, hope and inspiration, to steer the next generation towards great and positive things, and away from crime.


By the year end March 2018, there were around 40,000 crimes involving knives or sharp instruments. 50% of those offences were carried out by people aged under 25. Beyond that, 21% of those were committed by people aged between 10-17. These damning statistics that are ever-rising, don’t bode well for those we call our future.


Upon launch of the documentary, 180 Productions will be selling ‘Positive Power Hoodies’, comprising of messages from each interviewee to the children of today. These will be available to purchase online, where 50% of profits will be donated to activist Faron Alex Paul, to aid his campaign to rid the streets of both knives and guns.



Sordell said today "The Kickstarter will enable 180 productions to purchase the equipment needed to give it the visual impact we believe the subject matter truly deserves" 


"Any help we get is amazing, all we essentially want to do, is to spread and share this positive message to the next generation, who often believe there is a very low ceiling to what they can achieve in life. If we succeed, then we may be able to lead more and more away from knives, guns & violence, and towards education, success & most importantly, hope".


'180 For The Culture' has already achieved over £1200 of it's £5000 target and the kickstarter is offering supporters numerous ways they can get involved in the documentary. 


More information on the Kickstarter is available on the link below where you can learn more about how you can support 180 productions is making their passion project a reality.





180 Productions is an independent, video and motion picture production company, co-founded in early 2019 by Marvin Sordell, William Miller and Maxwell Harris-Tharp. Having previously created content of their own, such as:

Denis Prose (,

Spring (,

& Sierra (,

they decided to put their heads together to create something they believe will be a lot more meaningful and powerful than their previous works.


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