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A new charger for electric vehicles will help to 'build a clean energy future for all'

They claim the charger does the thinking for you.

A new smart system will enable customers to prioritise their electricity use depending on their needs.

It's been created by an electric home heating provider has supercharged its renewable status with the introduction of its new electric vehicle charger for homeowners.

Pioneers of German-engineered electric heating, Fischer Future Heat, based in Leicestershire, has been a driving force in the push for an all-electric future.

And boosting prospects on the renewable front, the business has now introduced the new Fischer EV – an electric vehicle charger that allows homeowners to lead a sustainable, clean energy lifestyle.

As the government continues to work towards its net zero carbon targets, clean energy solutions are becoming an integral part of UK renewable plans.

With sales of EVs outselling diesel cars for the second month in a row in July, Fischer CEO Keith Bastian believes the new EV charger has come at a poignant point in time:

“We are absolutely delighted to bring the Fischer electric vehicle charger to market.

“As the passionate owner of electric vehicles, I understand how fundamental they are in achieving net zero carbon. It is our mission here at Fischer to provide the British public with innovative electric solutions that never compromise on performance or efficiency.

"Our new charger represents the next phase of this mission, and is a huge step in helping to build a clean energy future for all.

“Our business is perfectly poised to help homeowners lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and our continuing innovation in the world of clean energy is a testament to that.”

The Fischer EV is controlled via mobile app, providing homeowners with complete remote control of their vehicle charging.

Working in combination with household needs, the system also allows users to input their electricity tariff details, ensuring vehicles are charged at the cheapest times in order to keep energy bills down.

Furthermore, the new Fischer EV will enable customers to prioritise their electricity use depending on their needs using Dynamic Load Balancing technology, something no other electric vehicle charger offers as standard.

The Dynamic Load Balancing technology will automatically adjust to balance against electricity usage in the home, for example the EV charger will switch to a low power mode when household appliances are on.

“The Fischer EV charger is a smart system, showcasing dynamic functionality and innovative electric technology,” added Keith.

The new EV charger

We want to ensure that charging your vehicle suits both your lifestyle and your energy needs. The Fischer EV charger is highly adaptable and suitable for most households, changing the system preferences at the touch of a button. This charger removes any uncertainty you may have to plug your car in along with any other household appliances. It does the thinking for you.’’

Should motorists wish to prioritise their motoring needs, the Fischer EV charger also includes a boost feature, which temporarily overrides your charging schedule in order to ensure that your car is charged as soon as possible.

Fischer Future Heat is working in conjunction with sister company Outfox the Market, to provide EV customers with renewable wind electricity. Fischer Future Heat is offering a Time of Use tariff exclusive to customers purchasing a Fischer EV charger. This exclusive tariff promises Fischer EV customers four hours of electricity at just eight pence per unit.

This is truly a future-proof system. The UK Government has already enforced change in the vehicle industry, and home heating is currently firmly in their agenda.

We want to invite homeowners to make the change to electric now, and join us on the road to net zero carbon.”


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