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Access to digital devices campaign to benefit students and Leicester businesses

To ensure that every child has access to an equal education, a local academy trust is in the midst of a campaign that provides Google Chromebooks to disadvantaged students in their care.

The digital devices campaign began in July for pupils attending schools which are part of the Lionheart Academies Trust, a Leicestershire based group of eleven schools. During lockdown, it became apparent to teachers and employees in the trust that there were young people under their care who found it difficult to access education at home due to a lack of resources.

Business Engagement Lead and Assistant Principal of the Trust, Rikki Khakhar, said: “When we set out on this journey, school closure was a national outcome of the Covid-19 crisis. Learning naturally moved to online platforms: but disadvantaged students who didn't necessarily have access to digital devices found it harder to engage.”

For educational settings, learning is moving to the digital sphere: homework is set online and teachers rely on technology, such as digital visualisers, for engagement in class. Rikki added: “Where learning is more frequently becoming virtual, it's key that students have access to digital devices to engage. Students who do not, are at risk of being left behind, and may have already lost out on time due to lockdown.”

Since the inception of the campaign, Lionheart has partnered with local businesses and members of the community to fund over 100 Chromebooks for students.

Marcus Bates, Senior Quantity Surveyor at ISG which has sponsored five Chromebooks, commented: “The Chromebook initiative could be the catalyst for achievement for many young people, leading to their individual social mobility.

“This is an integral ingredient of a fair society where all can prosper, irrespective of their socioeconomic beginnings.”


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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