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Back to the 80s with Bongo's Bingo this August

Bongo's Bingo is back! To the 80s!

For those who enjoy a bit of bingo, a dance off now and then, and the odd rave here and there, we have good news. Bongo's Bingo returns to Leicester on August 19 and 20.

Bongo’s Bingo’s double whammy of super-sized dates in the Midlands take place at Morningside Arena.

"Leicester is a special place for us, the crowds are always brilliant with insane energy and we really can’t wait"

Combining the much-loved quaint pastime of bingo with a wild live show, expect an extravaganza of nostalgic escapism with this one as they bring us two epic Back to the 80s XL shows.

Co-founder Jonny Bongo says: “Our two XL shows in Leicester are going to be the biggest we have ever done in the Midlands.

"This is basically Bongo’s Bingo on steroids - everything from the production to the prizes to the stage to the amount of people coming to these two dates - it’s going to be insane."

Bingo players will be treated to loads of 80s tunes, massive prizes and surprise guests at the two biggest parties Bongo’s Bingo have ever created in Leicester.

Audience participation is encouraged and there'll be the chance to win some truly iconic yet random prizes.

Bongo's Bingo Leicester, Henry Hoover prize

People have won Henry Hoovers, mobility scooters, giant pink unicorns, and karaoke machines.

They'll rewind back to an era of bangers, classics and anthems all night long with fancy dress very much encouraged but not compulsory.

Aerial view of Morningside Arena, Leicester
Bongo's Bingo will be held at Morningside Arena, LE1 3UD

Johnny added: "Back to The 80s is the theme so we are going to have wall-to-wall classics and sing-a-longs all night long.

"Leicester is a special place for us, the crowds are always brilliant with insane energy and we really can’t wait – it’s going to be class.”

The organisers say we should brace ourselves for a 'full night of madness, mischief and shared euphoria'.

Tickets can be purchased online via the Bongo's Bingo website.


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