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Key sectors of the economy look to end their recovery stage and move towards a restart

Many are contending with a host of post Covid-19 questions and are struggling to find real answers

Speaking to business adviser Ann Cook from the Business Gateway Growth Hub as we gradually emerge from lockdown gives me a positive feeling. She’s giving me news of the vast spectrum of advice and support available to businesses that may well have been through – and are still experiencing – some of the toughest environments they have experienced since their inception. 

“There has been a lot of new government support for businesses since the start of the pandemic and a great deal of information to absorb,” says Ann. “This has all been available online and possibly difficult to navigate. As business advisers we’ve been able to talk to people and help them decipher what’s available and, more importantly, what’s relevant to their business. We know from feedback that having someone there to listen to their concerns has been invaluable to many.”

The Business Gateway has been a lifeline offering free support and services that can be accessed via a team of 11 experienced and motivated advisers here in Leicester and Leicestershire. 


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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