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Coffee lovers rejoice: a new coffee shop is opening in Leicester with a twist

Not your average everyday café; in fact, it’s not a café at all.

Home brewing the perfect coffee with coffee beans, spoons, jars, as taught by Soar Coffee, Clarendon Park, Leicester

Coming soon to Clarendon Park is a brand new coffee merchant Soar Coffee, named after Leicester’s famous river.

But it isn’t your typical coffee shop as you might assume from the name. This great new instalment aims to be your local coffee “specialist”. But what exactly does this mean?

Rather than a place to purchase and drink brewed tea and coffee, Soar Coffee will be more than just sales. It will be a point of expertise and advice on all things tea and coffee.

By offering a wide range of different types of teas and coffees, Soar Coffee will give customers access to the professional expertise of its owner and staff.

You’ll be able to tap into the staff's knowledge to understand different blends and styles as well as the various techniques used to make the perfect brew.

Experience a mini masterclass in the arts of tea and coffee from choosing not only the beans or the leaves, but the tools that you'll need and the skills required to use them.

It presents an experience away from teabags and granules and offers something more informed and pleasurable. The experience allows you to buy everything you need to have the same level of success as a professional barista at home.

With the unique option to taste, try and discuss, every individual customer can come away with a different coffee consultation bespoke to their personal tastes and needs.

Watch this space for opening times.


Written by Fox Whitemore

Fox is a 23 year old Media and Communications graduate from De Montfort University and currently working as an intern for Cross Productions. He is passionate about writing both creatively and journalistically, loves working with the local community and would love to be writing as a full time job in the future.


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