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Former sportsman puts knife to the chopping board in Oakham

A new venture for cricketing legend.

Cricketing hero Matthew Hoggard

Famously-recognised for the legendary Ashes-winning England team in 2005, Matthew Hoggard has taken inspiration from ashes of a different kind.

The former Celebrity MasterChef contestant is embarking on a new venture sharing his love of BBQ food with the world at Hoggy’s Grill in Oakham.

Whilst Matthew was training as young cricketer in South Africa, he discovered the joys of BBQ food and his interest in cooking never left him.

At a young age, Matthew was lucky enough to sample a range of cuisines and food culture when he traveled the world during his cricketing days.

Since retiring from cricket, Matthew spent almost a decade learning the art of grilling from BBQ chefs around the world, experimenting with different grills and fuel sources – grilling became a daily ritual!

Hoggy's BBQ Grill in Oakham
Hoggy's Grill in Oakham

“Barbecuing is a big passion of mine – I do it all year round,” he said. “I love a traditional barbecue get-together in the summer, but I think we’ve got it all wrong in this country. On the continent, they do it all the time, regardless of the weather.”

“I want people to feel confident cooking and enjoying food al fresco throughout the year. Outdoor cooking doesn’t have to mean burgers and sausages – there’s so much variety and flavour to the food that can be cooked on the barbecue.

"I’ve been known to cook Yorkshire puddings on the grill, and even our Christmas Dinner has been cooked al fresco – the potential is endless!”

Matthew’s mission to educate the nation with BBQ recipes has brought him to the beautiful backdrop of Rutland Water Garden Nursery.

His grill school is fully kitted out with all types of barbequing catered for, including traditional BBQ, fuel, and wood pellet grills.

The school offers a variety of packages for customers to try, from traditional barbecue fare in their burger classes to flexible three course menus including tomahawk steaks, beer can chicken, seafood feasts and veggie extravaganzas.

“Cooking on the grill is a fun, interactive experience!” adds Matthew. “Socialising is at the heart of grilling, so we worked hard to create a relaxed atmosphere that people can enjoy, whilst learning the art of cooking on the coals.

“Each experience is flexible and can be tailored to the participants. I can teach you how different types of grill and fuel can create different flavours. Tell me what you love to cook on your grill and I can offer you your perfect partner!

"When it comes to cooking, we cover everything from how to serve up the most incredible burgers to how to wow with wonderful, sizzling steaks.”

Guests can also buy what they try, with a variety of BBQs and equipment along with specialty BBQ rubs giving guests the chance to continue honing their al fresco cooking skills at home.


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