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International family conflicts

Glynis Wright and Zara Gasztowicz of Leicester Law Firm Glynis Wright & Co talk us through the implications of international family conflicts.

When individuals are faced with family law disputes or issues, such as divorce, separation or child arrangement disagreements, it can be an extremely emotional and confusing time.

When the ex-partner, ex-spouse or other parent lives outside of England, or has dual or temporary citizenship with another country, it can feel even more daunting; many individuals often do not know where to start, what their rights are or even whether English law is applicable.

“At Glynis Wright & Co, we frequently see clients who are faced with cross-border issues such as – but by no means limited to – those detailed below, and our team of expert family lawyers assist in making the legal process efficient, much easier to understand and less stressful.” Glynis Wright explains.

The divorce petition “race”

Countries often have very different and contrasting laws in respect of divorce and, therefore, it is no surprise that very different financial settlement outcomes can be reached based on similar facts in cases throughout the world.

By way of one example, in France the courts have less discretion in making spousal maintenance orders and, therefore, an individual with English and French citizenship or an individual born in England living in France, may want to try and apply for a divorce in France if they are the significantly higher-earning spouse as it may be less likely that they will have to pay spousal maintenance to their ex-spouse on a yearly basis.


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