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Leicester solicitor's firm expands to North Wales

A new, second office has opened for Leicester's Bushra Ali Solicitors.

Bushra Ali

Their new office has opened in Wrexham, North Wales and is part of the firms plan to provide high quality legal services across both England and Wales.

Bushra Ali, Founder and Director of Bushra Ali Solicitors, commented: “Whilst I was born in Huddersfield my parents, myself and my younger sister moved to Wrexham when I was aged six.

"It was home for me for many, many years and whilst professionally I’ve moved around the UK eventually settling in Leicester, there’s always been a part of me that considers Wrexham to be my home.

“With my decision to grow Bushra Ali Solicitors it made total sense to me to open up our second office in Wrexham.

Inside the new Wrexham office

"This was safely achieved during lockdown in April of this year and I’ve been really enjoying working to establish us as part of the community which has included joining networking organisations including BNI as well as the Cheshire and North Wales Law Society where I’ve been co-opted onto the Committee and am heading up an initiative to set-up an equality and diversity sub-board.

“Back in my youth we were the only family of colour in our local village and I remember specifically sharing my dream to study Law only to be told that that there was no place in Law for me and was advised to study Home Economics instead.

"Now, times have changed of course, but I think there’s still much to be done in terms of specifically addressing the diversity and inclusion issue.

"That’s been a big driving force in my work here in Leicestershire and, given that Wrexham is where I grew up, I felt very strongly that it was also time to give back to my families local community and to encourage young aspiring lawyers to achieve even if they don’t have connections or relatives in Law.”

Bushra Ali Solicitors was founded by Bushra in 2015 and now covers six areas of Law including Immigration Law (Family and Business), Family Law (Divorce and Child arrangement), Litigation (Civil), Employment Law (Employer, Employee and HR Management), Public Law (Challenging Decisions of Public Authorities and Bodies) and Wills.


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