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Mergers and acquisitions specialist carries out a merger of its own

As Pattersons Commercial Law turns four years old, Niche's Emily Miller spoke to Managing Director Rik Pancholi about where they came from, their merger, and opportunity in 2020 and beyond.

Pattersons Commercial Law started in October 2016 with a focus on delivering diligent professional advice with a specialism in corporate and commercial law.

The start-up law firm established itself with one director and one consultant with strong ambitions to expand their services over time in a safe and structured manner.

The law firm has built a reputation for advising on transactions ranging from advising accountants and independent financial advisors to healthcare, e-commerce, and retail businesses. Regardless of the nature of the transaction or the sector, the key for Rik has always been to focus on relationships.

By building the law firm around relationships, it was important to place the right people in the right position and then nurture them. During 2019, Pattersons Commercial Law started developing its wellbeing offering to the team which included a monthly reflexologist visit, in-house pool tournaments through to a Christmas away day in Brussels.

The link between the wellbeing of a team and productivity is heavily researched, and according to the Mental Health Foundation, prioritising employee wellbeing leads to a 12% increase in productivity at least.

“There has always been a heavy emphasis on wellbeing and the self-confidence of our team,” Managing Director Rik Pancholi said.

“This emphasis has all helped with what was to happen in early 2020 with the global pandemic. During lockdown, we continued to develop our relationships whether it was internal within our team or external with both clients and strategic partners.

"It was a real testament to our team at how they handled the unprecedented changes the pandemic brought thus allowing us to support our clients and strategic partners navigate what would become some highly turbulent times."


Read the full article in Niche Magazine.


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