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Mini Chefs step into the kitchen to Raise Money for LOROS

Students from Ketton School visit Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa to make pizza for charity.

year six students making pizza for charity- LOROS
Year six pupils from Ketton primary school

During Rutland Food & Drink week, 26 excited students were invited by Rutland Hall Hotel and Spa in celebration for the event.

The year six pupils were filled with so much excitement they put Executive Head Chef, Sumit Chakrabarty straight to work upon arrival.

Joanne White, Managing Director of Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa stated: "At Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa, we’re huge supporters of the local community and always enjoy working with other businesses and partners in the region.

"To be able to do this, and raise money for charity at the same time, gives us all a real sense of pride.”

The students were set with a challenge, to create a tasty and unique pizza in groups of two were they all were given a selection of toppings.

These included pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, chicken, peppers and sweetcorn.Their task was to produce a pizza that is both unique and tasty.

After working really hard on their creations, the winning team with the best pizza was Emma and Maya who created a smiley face pizza which they named Emoji.

Additionally, Rutland Hall Hotel & Spa are incorporating the emoji pizza on their restaurant menu from October 1 - 31, which costs £14.50.

For every pizza sold, £1 will be donated to LOROS, a local hospice that offers care to terminally ill patients, families and carers.


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