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New delivery app brings Leicestershire high streets to your fingertips

Shopping made easier through an app.

A new delivery app will be launched this week called Beanser, which Leicestershire independents are looking forwards to.

The app has been designed to allow customers to order from multiple businesses within one delivery created by local entrepreneur, Hilten Dave.

This means that there will be more opportunities for new businesses to reach out to a new audience, with the app acting as a shopping centre on customers the phones. To put this into perspective, it is almost like having hundreds of people looking through your shop window all at once.

Why it makes shopping easier

Whilst we know everyone wants to shop local it can still be tough to make time, or even find a parking space. Beanser’s app-based marketplace allows users to go on a county- wide high street shopping spree but receive everything in one simple delivery.

Local businesses available on the app include zero waste favourites, NADA, long-term city centre residents, Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe, local creatives, URGHH Card Co, Clarendon Park butchers, W. Archer & Son, Leicester favourite, Framework Brewery and many more.

As a customer, shopping has never been easier as you browse the online aisles of each app based store, add items to your basket and sit back and wait as your items come to your door together in one handy delivery.

Everything made easier for you

For businesses, you hand all the heavy lifting over to Beanser, as they collect, pack and deliver for you. Best of all, it’s free. A small fee is only payable when you sell.

Beanser Founder, Hiten Dave, commented: “Beanser has been designed to offer something different to the Leicestershire marketplace. Most importantly it’s a service that benefits both independent businesses and the customers.

"Our focus is on fantastic service for both the buyer and the seller, with Beanser stepping in to take away all of the hassle that can be associated with both buying and selling online.

Beanser is available to download now via the App Store and Google Play. If you’re a business who’s interested in signing up to sell via Beanser you can get in touch by emailing us or visit our website for further information.


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