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Reviewed: glitter and glamour burst from Curve with Priscilla Queen of the Desert performance

Catch the show until Saturday, September 18.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert, based on the 1994 Oscar-winning movie of the same name, was an absolutely amazing show full of glitter, iconic wigs, eccentric costumes, and unbelievable heels.

It tells an uplifting story of self-discovery as two drag queens and a transgender woman travel across the Australian outback to perform a gig in Alice Springs.

You’ll find it hard to stop yourself singing along to this Broadway and West End show with show-stopping musical numbers such as It’s Raining Men and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

Produced by Jason Donovan, the talent on the Curve stage was simply spectacular, especially the voices of the three divas (Claudia Kariuki, Aiesha Pease, and Rosie Glossop) whose powerful singing just blew me away.

The plot made for a great story filled with comedy and poignant moments such as the vandalisation of the trio’s battered old bus. These upsetting moments were juxtaposed with hilarious moments such as the pop song, sung by the Thai Wife Cynthia (Gracie Lai) where she shows off her spellbinding ping pong ball skills.

Bernadette, played by Miles Western, who had some fabulous lines filled littered with riotous insults, had a really sweet romance with Bob (Daniel Fletcher) that had us routing for their relationship to succeed.

Felicia, played by Nick Hayes, had some moving moments throughout with an insight into the treatment of drag queens in rural Australia that made me want to cry.

Then Mitzi, played by Edwin Ray, gave us an emotional roller-coaster with his relationship with his son, at first being afraid to meet him and even let him know what his dad did for a job but then we see how the young boy reacts. Witnessing how their relationship blossoms was touching and adorable.

The rest of the cast were remarkable and hysterical. Costumes were magnificent and I especially loved the paint brushes and cake costumes, but the diva’s delicious get-ups in particular were just stunning.

One of my favourite parts of the show was when they were preforming the show in Alice. The way they switched the performers to show the full range of costumes was brilliantly and cleverly done.

With outstanding dance routines, sing-along songs, and mesmerising costumes, it’s a side-splitting, not-to-be-missed show.

I would highly recommend seeing Priscilla Queen of the Desert with its brilliant songs and exciting story.

Shake your groove thing until Saturday, September 18 at Curve.


Written by Katie Brennan

Katie has previously written copy for several social media campaigns and content for website and magazines. She has completed a master’s degree in digital marketing achieving a distinction. She now works in design and social media at Cross Productions and Niche Magazine.


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