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Reviewed: New Indian restaurant Twenty1

Last night saw team Niche Magazine try out new restaurant Twenty1.

If you want great food and Instagram moments, then look no further as Twenty1 has it all.

The flower wall is the perfect backdrop for the gram-worthy cocktails, all perfectly paired with fabulous food.

The new hot spot opened its doors only eight days ago and is already spicing things up when it comes to eating out in Leicester.

The place was packed with family’s and groups of friends. Stepping away from your traditional curry house the setting was slick with no drab tablecloths and five-star service.

We teased our tastebuds first with the Seafood Platter and a Special Tandoor Mix, the highlight being the grilled prawns and the lamp chops which were the table favourite of the starters.

Moving onto mains and drawing from the location as part of the Great Central Railway development, we opted for the Railway Dhaba, a rustic and luscious chicken and potato curry, a dish that has been served since colonial times in India when railway transport began.

Exploring all the different spice levels, we also tried the hot Garlic Chicken Chilli and mild Butter Masala. And, no Indian feast is complete without some cheeky sides of Crispy Bhaajis and Garlic Mogo - a must-try in our opinion.

It is fair to say that Twenty1 did not disappoint and we left looking forward to planning our next visit.


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