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Venquis brings new job opportunities to Leicester

The firm aims to hire 50 more staff by the end of the year.

Venquis has its hub in Colton Square, Leicester
Venquis has its hub in Colton Square, Leicester

Staffing solutions firm Venquis will provide new job opportunities through their growing Leicester office.

Venquis provides global staffing solutions for businesses going through digital transformation - currently a booming market.

Opening a new office in Leicester has enabled the company to experience 80% growth year-on-year.

With another new Talent Delivery Centre opening earlier this year in Nuremburg, Germany, Leicester was a natural frontrunner for a new UK office. The city beat other contenders due to its location and the high-standard of diverse talent it could offer.

Leicester is a centre of customer service excellence and skilled advisors. The vast talent pool has paid off, with over a quarter of staff being promoted so far this year.

Ella North, People and Culture Manager at Venquis explains: “This wouldn’t be possible without the people that have joined us since we opened up our Leicester hub.

"We have grown by 109%. We currently have 30 employees and will grow to a team of 80 by the end of the year.”

The company's new joiners come from a variety of backgrounds. Venquis staff often enjoy a better work-life balance, and have access to excellent career development opportunities.

They are responsible for sourcing candidates for a range of clients, from start-ups and scale-ups to grown-up, global businesses.

Venquis employees can enjoy the office ping pong table
Venquis employees can enjoy the office ping pong table

A thriving digital and business hub with excellent transport links, Leicester is the perfect location for European staff to visit.

Venquis looks forward to supporting the city's community and local charities. They have ambitious growth plans and aim to be the number one employer of choice in the area.

Venquis's current office is at Colton Square, with easy access to all the main amenities and is one of the reasons why Venquis selected the location for their Leicester office.

“Two Colton Square was a no-brainer," says managing director, Steve Garner.

"We loved the feeling of being in one of Leicester’s renowned historic landmarks – whilst having a home in a modern and attractive building.”

Yet with aspirations of expanding this year, Venquis is currently finalising a deal on a larger office space in the city.

There can be no doubt: the staffing solutions firm is here in Leicester to stay.


Written by Tom Young

Tom is a feature writer for Niche Magazine. He has a degree in Creative Writing and over a decade of experience working in comedy and theatre as the founder of improv group, The Same Faces. He writes about what's on, interesting people, and local events.


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