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Video production agency offers support to job searchers

A Leicester based video production agency has recently pledged its support to those looking for work by offering free headshots at their city-based studio.

With the current ongoing uncertainty surrounding the economy, there has been a rise in redundancies and job losses across the country, meaning more people are currently searching for work.

Based at the LCB Depot in Leicester, the team at Incite Video has decided to pledge their support and help people to find their next role by enhancing their online CVs.

“Every day, I log in to LinkedIn and other social media platforms and I see the same post repeated,” Incite Video’s Creative Director, Adam King, tells us.

“Currently there are a lot of people having their jobs and careers taken away from them and I wanted to be able to offer some support.

“It might only be a headshot, however, that portrait photo we take could help to enhance an individual’s online CV, or social media profile photo. It will enhance their application, guaranteed.”

A headshot being taken by the Incite Video team

According to recent statistics, a whopping 70% of employers screen their candidates on social media, with many employers admitting to looking at the photos that a candidate has posted.

That paired with the fact that more and more jobs are applied for online proves the need for anyone looking for work to have a professional online presence.

"We have all needed a little help and support in our lives, and we would like to think we can give back to the local community and help those currently looking for their next venture.”

Anyone interested in having a free professional headshot to enhance their online CV is encouraged to contact Incite Video directly or email

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20 dic 2023

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