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What’s love got to do with it? Leicester author challenges business leaders with unique model

A Leicester-based author launched her debut book Power of Love Leadership® last week and openly challenged the business community to "give love a try".

Author Sarah Higgins

Leadership coach, Sarah Higgins from Narborough, has drawn from her years of expertise in human resources, executive coaching and leadership development, to launch a thought-provoking new leadership strategy book, Power of Love Leadership.

Based on the principles of emotional intelligence, it will "enable business leaders, professionals and individuals to understand emotions, and re-master them to increase resilience and success in both business and in life".

It’s been hailed as a game-changer in the business ‘self-help’ book sector.

Sarah said: “The book is written for leaders. It's called Power of Love Leadership but it can actually help anybody. I understand the challenges for leaders. The book, therefore, has been written with that context in mind; it's about how you can lead yourself more effectively, but it's also about how you can lead others.”

Successfully using Power of Love Leadership with her leadership clients since 2012, it took over five years to get the book finished.

It has been inspired by both business success and personal challenge.

The Power of Love Leadership model promises seven proven strategies to "drive success, maximise results and inspire compassion and trust".

It’s billed as the "caring new way to lead" – something that strikes particular resonance to the Covid-era and the new-found desire of many to be more self-aware and to act more compassionately.

Power of Love Leadership® is available to buy here and is available on Amazon.


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