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Apprenticeship provider EMA Training opens hub in Leicester city centre

A new regional director the apprenticeship the Leicester hub.

Orange-bricked building with the EMA Training logo on the front
EMA Training are based in Derby, but will be opening a new hub in Leicester.

EMA Training, a Derby-based apprenticeship provider, is set to open the doors of its Leicester city centre hub on July 1, welcoming students and business partnerships from across the county.

EMA Training, who recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, was founded in 2013 by

managing director, Tracey Mosley.

The company provides students with apprenticeship training in finance, marketing and data technology.

Gemma Orton, who has worked amongst the business and charity community

across Leicestershire, joins the team as regional director for the Leicester hub.

Tracey commented: "We have been frequently approached over the years by businesses, parents and school leavers, to bring our brand to Leicester.

"Timing is crucial and we needed to ensure we had a regional director capable of driving this initiative forward successfully and I believe that Gemma Orton is that person.

"With her established relationships in Leicester, her drive, ambition, and proven track record, she is the ideal fit for our future plans.

"In the 20-plus years I have known her, she has excelled in everything she undertakes, which excites not only me but the whole of the EMA team."

a team of formally dressed employees cheer towards the camera, one holds an award
The EMA Training team celebrating their win for Best Small Business at the EMC Awards 2022.

Gemma said: "I believe there is a huge gap across Leicestershire for the provision of high-quality apprenticeship training, but also and very importantly, for businesses to collaborate with a local apprenticeship provider who genuinely cares about supporting them in growing the next generation of our business community.

"Tracey and I met when we were 16 years old - both of us commencing on our apprenticeship journeys at the time - and so I’m a huge ambassador for apprenticeships and the opportunities that can come from this chapter for both student and business.

"I’m so excited to be working with Tracey. Our vision and values have always been so well aligned and I think it can only mean really positive and exciting stuff for the future."

This ambitious step results in EMA Training becoming the only face-to-face classroom training provider in the city, for its finance apprenticeships. The team at EMA have always been passionate about this hybrid approach to their apprenticeship offerings.

A typical week for an EMA student is four days a week ‘in the business’ with their employer, gaining vital first-hand experience and one day a week at a refreshingly designed, EMA Training hub.

This allows learners to benefit from collaborating with other learners, sharing their experiences, meeting experts in the industry and generally enjoying the modern and great space which each hub has to offer.



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